How People Become Victims of Living Trust Scams

Con artists make false and misleading statements to older people through:

  1. telemarketing and mail solicitations;
  2. door-to-door sales;
  3. “free” seminars and workshops, and
  4. advertisements

Often can artists attempt to meet in your home through offers of a free living will, a free power of attorney, or a free estate analysis. Many also offer unnecessary partnerships, and limited liability companies.

The State Bar of Texas has issued an advisory opinion for attorneys regarding advertising and promoting living trusts. Attorneys are not supposed to advocate a living trust over a will or vice-versa. They should give you the pros and cons of both documents.

If you feel that you have been a victim of a con artist, a living trust salesperson, or an unethical attorney, please contact the State Bar of Texas. While non-attorneys are not subject to State Bar rules, they may be practicing law without a license.