What you can do to protect yourself

It is very difficult to get your money back if you are cheated in a living trust scam. So before you buy, and better yet, before you allow a salesperson in your home, remember:

  1. Always take sufficient time to make your decision.
    • Legitimate advisors understand when you want more information about their services or products.
    • Be sure to talk with someone knowledgeable whose advice you value when considering a trust.
    • Never respond to an offer you do not thoroughly understand.
    • Avoid buying on impulse or succumbing to sales pressure to “act now”.
  2. If you conclude that a trust may be right for you, deal directly with a licensed Texas attorney who has substantial expertise in estate planning.
    • Be sure you are working with someone with the necessary training and education.
    • If a trust is right for you, an attorney with knowledge of Texas law should draft it. The laws that apply to trusts vary from state to state. Forms, kits or computer software programs may not be tailored to the requirements of Texas law. A licensed Texas attorney with expertise in estate planning should prepare, or at least review, your living trust. Also, a trust prepared by and attorney will generally cost less than the prices charged by trust salespersons.