Why Do I Need A Durable Power Of Attorney?

If you become disabled due to an accident or illness and you are deemed mentally incompetent, your business and personal affairs will more than likely have to be administered by a court-appointed guardian. The guardian may or may not be someone whom you would have chosen to attend to your needs. In fact, he may be a complete stranger! Plus, a guardianship can be expensive. The guardian will have to post a bond equal in value to your estate, and the premium for this bond will have to be paid out of your estate. The guardian will have to go to Court for permission to transact virtually any type of business transaction and he will have to demonstrate to the Court why the action which he desires to take is necessary and desirable. The guardian will also have to file annual accountings. Guardianships, then, are expensive, time-consuming and cumbersome; a very inefficient way to take care of your business and your personal needs when disability occurs.

The solution to this problem is the Durable Power of Attorney. With a valid, well-written Durable Power of Attorney your business and personal needs can be taken care of in an efficient manner at minimal expense.